We Have Second Draft

My novel Garbageland has graduated from shitty first draft to crappy second draft.

Along the way one character was excised, two others were morphed together, and paragraphs, scenes, and chapters were slashed. Total word count dropped about 10k; I expect to add words back in the next round. And all that only took nine months.

One problem was the method. I read in another writer's blog how they printed out the first draft, made corrections on paper, and then re-typed the whole thing for the second draft. I decided to do the same.

There was some benefit. It certainly slowed me down, making me think more about the words I didn't touch. I've found it works well on short stories. Novel length works: not so much. I'd get bogged down frequently, looking at how few pages I'd gotten through in a day.

I must have a stubborn streak because I didn't give up on that method until September. Returning to live editing, for lack of a better term, the pages flew by. Perhaps that will require more changes in the third draft, but at least that draft will go quickly.

Work on the third draft starts Wednesday, or as soon as I've recovered from election night.


Congrats on finishing the

Congrats on finishing the second draft. Robert Ray calls it the meditative draft. I'd be willing to bet the labor-intensive way of retyping netted some great stuff you normally would have glossed over.

Thanks, LA. The journey did

Thanks, LA. The journey did have its rewards.

I think you are a glass-half-full kind of person, LA. :-)

Always :)

Always :)

Hurray for second drafts! You

Hurray for second drafts! You go Todd.

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