History of the Summer Reading Program

As a kid I loved the summer reading programs at my library. I can win prizes for reading books? I'm there! As an adult, I wished there were something similar, so I decided to run my own with a little twist.

Since 2007 I've run a Virtual Summer Reading Contest. Each year I set up a challenge for which I will donate money to a library or literacy charity. Sometimes it is based on number of books read, sometimes the number of people who participate.

The donations for each year are below, along with a link to the blog post in which I announced the total.

* 2013 - $73 donated to the Prison Book Program
* 2012 - $63 donated to the Prison Book Program
* 2011 - $112 donated to CLiF
* 2010 - $80 donated to CLiF
* 2009 - $23 donated to CLiF
* 2008 - $100 donated to Building New Hope
* 2007 - $52 dontated to Kiowa County Library Relief Fund


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