Updates, Teasers, and other Miscellany

Happy New Year!

Yes, I am over a month late if I were going by the calendar. I am over a week late even by the Chinese calendar. So I will fall back on an idea from David Seah for shifting new year resolutions to Groundhog Day.

Okay, I'm a day late on that as well. So it goes.

A much belated update for the 2011 National Novel Writing Month: I didn't win, failing to reach 50,000 words in the month of November. I did complete about 25,000 which is respectable and a good start for that new book.

A much belated teaser: I had hoped to make an announcement about a secret project, the likes of which has never before been seen ... on this website. Because of many life issues, the announcement got postponed to November. And then December. And then January. And now ...

Now it is looking pretty good to be announced ... later this month. At the very least, the secret project will commence much sooner than later.

As once was said when such things as a tuner were actually used, stay tuned.



Looking forward to the

Looking forward to the revelation of the secret project. Happy New Year/Chinese New Year to you!

Thanks Kristen!

Thanks Kristen!

Oh, oh, I can't wait. I love

Oh, oh, I can't wait. I love surprises.

Somehow I think you know

Somehow I think you know what's on the horizon.