Top Three Positions People Love

I've searched through dozens of photos on the web and have determined the top three positions in which people read books. Yes, read books. What kind of positions did you think I meant?

classic book reading position
photo by _madolan_

First the classic seated position. In the photo above, this is demonstrated with wonderful poise and hand position. Of course there are many, many variations. For example, the one handed grip which frees the other hand to do something else.

one handed book reading position
photo by scampion

Second in popularity is the reclined pose:


reclined book reading position
photo by rachel sian

The epitome of curled up with a book. One can also take this position on top or on the bottom. Or really be daring and go for the bathtub.

Finally, there is the position that I think we all remember and should continue even though we are older and set in our ways, reading under the covers with a flashlight:


I hope this information was entertaining if not exactly useful or scientific. Feel free to comment with your own variations.



Well, I've always been a fan

Well, I've always been a fan of this one:

Looks like photo copied

Looks like photo copied college assigned reading there.

Crammed into the corner seat

Crammed into the corner seat on an express bus. Well, maybe it was the time I had to read that was what I loved.

Ah yes, public transportation

Ah yes, public transportation reading. There's a certain art to holding one's elbows in during rush hour. Book readers were always more considerate of space than the newspaper people.