Three to the North

On a beautiful summer day, I drove North to check out a few libraries in New Hampshire. First stop: Peterborough.

Incorporated in 1833, the library claims the distinction of being the first tax supported library in the United States.

The Friends of the library have their own building, a former home, where they conduct their seasonal book sales.

Second on the list: Hancock, NH. Established in 1860, the library began with 297 books.

A gift by Adolphus C. Whitcomb allowed the town to create the original building. Alas, several renovations and expansions modernized the interior. This view of the children's room shows the front of the library.

Finally, the smallest library I've ever seen, located in Stoddard, NH.

The library began in 1892. The current building was constructed in 1949 with funds from a bequest from the late librarian Mrs. Louise E. Davis. The Davis Memorial Library consists of a whopping 2.5 rooms (2.75 if you count the broom closet).

Here's another view of the main room:

Despite the tiny dimensions, it still dedicates a separate area for kids and young adults.

Besides the two rooms there's a cramped nook for the librarian to conduct all her tasks. Outside is a screened tent where patrons can enjoy the free wifi without getting bitten by various flying bugs. There's also a portable toilet. That's right, the library is so small it doesn't even have plumbing!

I hope you enjoyed the mini tour as much as I did. You can view additional photos of the buildings by click here to the photo gallery.