Goodreads Giveaway Secrets

Last week I mentioned how valuable I think Goodreads can be for an author. The tool that I have used so far is the Giveaway, a semi-random drawing for print copies of books. It isn't truly random as the Goodreads site states their algorithm tries to match books with those who are very interested in the genre or subject matter.

For Garbageland I made three copies available to anyone living in the U.S. or Canada. The time period to enter the giveaway was three weeks last August. I mentioned the giveaway on Facebook and my blog a few times and several friends reposted or shared the details.

That said, my efforts cannot account for the fact that 773 people entered the raffle. Sure, who doesn't want something for free and if it's easy while one is surfing around in Goodreads, just two clicks and done, why not enter? However, scanning the other giveaways and taking into consideration that this was a first time novelist book, 773 was astounding.

Now, I can see the usernames of those who entered the giveaway. I can click on a link and see whatever they've made public on their profile: what books they've read, what books they want to read, and what area of the country they live in. And in clicking those links I saw quite a few people from Canada had entered.

Except no one from Canada won. So for Dreams Like Snowflakes I decided to do two giveaways, one just for Canadian residents and one for those in either the U.S. or Canada. To promote the Canada giveaway I sent a message to Canadians who had entered the Garbageland giveaway.

First, I had to know where they lived. Some people set their location to private. Second, I wanted to message just those who really had an interest in the SF genre who had been active in Goodreads in the last month. Still, that is 773 profiles to trudge through, right?

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