Writer By The Numbers

I tell people I'm a writer. I say I have self published. The next question, either outright or in their minds (even I'd ask) is "How many books have you sold?" Here are the numbers for calendar year 2012.

For 2012, there were sales of 51 copies of my books. Bear in mind, this is based in part on compensation reports which lag actual sales data, but for the sake of argument (and the fact that only a handful of my friends might even be interested in these numbers) 51 books. This breaks down as follows:

eBook: 40
Paperback: 6

Dreams Like Snowflakes
eBook: 2
Paperback: 5

Total: 53 books (see, I told you it's a little fuzzy)

Interesting facts here, while my short story collection clearly sold far fewer copies than my novel, the amount of paperback sales was almost the same. This may be in part due to my marketing strategy (stay tuned).


For eBook sales, the gross totals show an interesting fact:

Kindle eBooks: 21
B&N Nook: 17
Other: 2

For all the hype about the Kindle, in this particular case, the Barnes and Noble Nook sales kept a healthy pace.


That's all fine and good for volume, what about MONEY?

My total compensation for book sales in 2012: $31.74 The breakdown on that is:

eBook: $23.79
Paperback: $7.61

That comes out to about .57 per eBook and .85 per paperback book. Bear in mind here that my eBooks are priced on current market value not the outrageous prices the big publishers charge. Indeed, seeing that discrepancy on return, one can understand (if not justify) the publishers greedy cash grab on eBooks given what they will potentially lose in the long run toward an eBook future. But I digress.


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