Payment Due

Still here? I wouldn't be surprised if you wandered away as I obviously did. I owe a visit to many of your own blogs.

Been a little busy here, for reasons many of you had a hand in. Many, many thanks to Camille, Derek,Gustavo, Marcus, Martin, Matt, Nathan, and Rick O. for all your comments, insights, and critiques over the last couple months of my book, my synopsis, and my query letter. You all rock.

At the transition from "I want to be a writer" to "I am a writer", I felt I was taking on a certain obligation. It would no longer be good enough to talk about it. Writers write, and submit, and interact with their peers. Sometimes they even get published. They definitely give back.

I've done the above but sometimes feel like I've taken more than I've given. I certainly owe those listed above. If nothing else, I feel I have to at least follow through.

This week I sent out my first agent query.


I had planned to finish this post in a different fashion. But I have to share this instead. I received my first agent rejection 17 hours and 41 minutes later. And you know, it's true. It hurts less when you rip the band-aid off quickly.

Next step: send out another agent query. Because that's what writers do.


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