Re-Sizing Windows

Last fall I bought a smart phone which can be stupid at times. Both the purchase and the phone. The goal was to stay in touch with the world as I was increasingly out of range of a land line, a computer, and the internet.

It has been valuable under some circumstances. I have even found the quirky GPS navigation useful at times (though my daughter has named the female navigation voice "Miss Direction"). I find that my use of the phone consists of, in this order, playing Words With Friends, checking e-mail, and sending text messages.

Once in a while I'll actually make a phone call.

The size of the screen, squeezed down to about 2 by 3 inches, has also squeezed out much of activities I used to do on a regular sized screen: check out blogs and post comments on them; browse from link to link; keep up on the news of the world. My interaction with online life became edited and reduced. Perhaps even redacted as it feels like I am missing out on what is going on out there.

Which makes me wonder about how this squeezed down format is affecting other people as smart phones and small tablets and eReaders become ubiquitous. And then I remember that most people also have big video screens (do we even call them televisions any more?). These big screens people use to play games, watch downloaded shows, and stream movies.

And once and a while watch a broadcast show. Or even some news/entertainment.

The video windows have re-sized, super-sized and miniaturized. It is enough to make me nostalgic for the days when we all had "human" sized video screens. Yes how ironic, longing for the old days of online interaction.

I don't have any brilliant insights here. Just expressing my usual feelings of slight unease, amused and bemused. I will spend the rest of the day interacting with the physical world, with people, in person.