Occupy Boston Library, Dewey Square, Boston MA

Occupy Boston is a very organized endeavor. There are tents for information, medical care, media relations, and cooking. The newest edition is space for their library.

Occupy Boston Library - exterior

No card is required to borrow books. No catalog, no fees, just the honor system and an inquisitive mind.


Occupy Boston Library - rules

There is a 'rack' for newspapers. Other current news that is available are hard copies of the minutes of the General Assembly meetings (which can also be found on the Occupy Boston Wiki pages.


Occupy Boston Library - news

And of course, it wouldn't be a library without 'stacks'.


Occupy Boston Library - Stacks 1

Note the plentiful titles by Noam Chomsky.


Occupy Boston Library - Chomsky Books

The library welcomes donations of books, particularly those focused on philosophy and politics. I would guess that these very serious and committed folks might also enjoy a few genre fiction titles. Even anarcho-libertarian freedom fighters need a break sometimes.


While the tents are physically occupying a public space, what has been created is a functioning community, not only in Boston but across the country and the world. I look forward to returning to Dewey Square and the Occupy Boston Library. Next time I'll bring some donations.


Photos by kiwitayro.