Lessons From The Past

I've been looking through a box containing piles of stories, notes, and random pieces of paper with scribbled ideas, the bare bones of stories. Some of it is over twenty-five years old. I had two immediate observations:

  1. My handwriting has always looked like the scratchings of a chicken on crack.
  2. I wrote some horrible, horrible fiction when I was younger.

On the other hand, all that writing and typing and scribbling seems to have paid off. At least, now, I can look back and say I am a much better writer than I was.

The box is not without a few interesting baubles, a curio cabinet if you will. There is a newspaper article from 1994 about the cutting edge of technology: books on CD-ROM. There is a list of uncommon surnames, presumably to be used for fictional characters:

  • Combitchi
  • Baldasarre
  • Derryberry
  • Scruggs
  • Geisendorfer
  • Sklar

A notecard with a quote from a book I was reading:

"What Kierkegaard failed to recognize is that the untameable daemon, Don Giovanni, is the libertarian daemon of capitalism itself, a system that has persuaded itself that its dynamic economic pursuits are (as Adam Smith taught) self-motivated forces of nature - as if commerce were driven by the animistic spirits found by primitive man in the rocks and trees, deities quite without moral purpose or imputation. And capitalist libertinism encouraged by the necessary destruction of traditional social controls, soon turns into the social and moral libertinism recognized by Mozart and his contemporaries within their own society."
- Nicholas Till, Mozart and the Enlightenment, p. 214

Mozart was part of the 99%?

Or a snippet from a rejection letter from the zine "S.L.U.G.fest":

Countdown to Summer Reading

The 6th annual Virtual Summer Reading Program (VSRP) begins in two weeks. Fair warning to start making a list for your summer reading.

This year the charity will be the Prison Book Program. This wonderful organization is celebrating its 40th year of providing books to inmates. I will be making a donation based on the number of books I read and the number of people who participate.

Last year several generous individuals made pledges. Pledges can be made either as a total amount or an amount per book, to the charity I'm supporting or any one you would like. To join in the fun, just go to the pledge page and complete the form.

Once the program starts, updates will be posted on the VSRP Facebook page. Like the page to see updates via Facebook and add your own comments and suggestions for books to read.

As in previous years, there will be a grand prize of an Amazon gift certificate. I will also be giving away a signed paperback copy of my book Garbageland. The more books you read, the more chances you have at winning a prize.

And again, the more people who participate, the more money I donate. So spread the word, and get read to read!

Garbageland on iTunes

Garbageland is now available through the iTunes store and Google Play! Now you can read the eBook version on any kind of electronic screen. Browse the iTunes store on your i-Device or go to the Google Play site here:


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