Dragonfly and River Stone Launched

I am happy to announce the release of my latest novel, Dragonfly and River Stone

Emily Butler is almost 30, hates technology, and runs her own business as a personal chef. After the two year old child of a client pees on her, Emily wonders if there's more to life than catering to wealthy, picky eaters. When the world's phone network is attacked by a computer virus, everyone's life is disrupted. Emily is caught up in an adventure involving anarchist dumpster divers, sustainable farmers, and a handsome stranger. Can she overcome her fears and follow her passion for a new kind of cooking for the social networking age?

Kindle e-book and paperback versions are available at the links below (Nook and iStore in progress):
- Amazon.com for the Kindle eReader for $5.99.

- Amazon.com for the paperback edition for $15.99

- Barnes and Noble also for the paperback edition.



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