Who Is This Guy?

Hello! Thank you for visiting.

  My name is Todd Wheeler. I am a writer of fiction, the style of which is sometimes fantastic, often futuristic. My writing touches on the ways technology affects our lives, showing how it can have humorous and even absurd results. Several of my short stories have been published. You can see a list in the Fiction section of this website.

  I grew up in Massachusetts which has four seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Slush. I've spent more than a little time in upstate New York, Virginia, Southern California, and Maine. The Boston area has always been home.

  I earned a Bachelor's Degree in English and American Literature from Boston University. This served me well in my ten-year career as a computer analyst. That and reading lots and lots of technical manuals.

I enjoy reading quite a bit and like public libraries a lot. On this site you can find photos of different libraries that I have visited. Make sure to support your local library.

The ink pen image is by Cast a Line. All other photographs and images are my own.

Thanks again for visiting and thank you for your time.