Episode IV: A New Website

Welcome to the new and hopefully improved website. Some things may look the same, like the logo and the about section. Other areas have whiffy improvements.


You can say 'hi' using the contact form, which has one of those frustrating fun image thingies to make sure you're not a spam-bot.


There are links of all kinds of blogs and writing and SF sites. Okay, they used to be on my blog. Technically, they are not new, just new to the website.


Speaking of blogs, that is what will be on the front page of this website. The old blog served its purpose well. All new posts will be on this website.


As with any website, there may be a few glitches. Feel free to kick the tires, and please let me know if you find that anything is broken.


Thanks for visiting!


I get to inaugurate the

I get to inaugurate the comments in your new blog?

Most Excellent.

Neener, neener, neener everyone else. I win!

Actually, it's good that somewhere I go on a regular basis has changed its address. I needed to clean up my bookmarks anyway. This is as good a motive as any.

I shall, of course participate in the summer reading contest. And I promise to start fresh. It wouldn't be fair to count the book I'm 10 pages from finishing.

While we're on the subject (at least I am), does anyone else need to turn back 4 or 5 pages when you pick up a book the next day? I honestly never have any memory of the last pages I read the night before.

Congrats, Nathan! I have a

Congrats, Nathan!

I have a feeling I should look up your address now for the "most books read" prize.

Oh man, Nathan beat me here.

Oh man, Nathan beat me here. (kicks dirt).

Nathan, (on turning pages back) it depends on the book, and the kind of day I had in between.

I feel like champaign for some reason.

Veuve Clicquot, coming up.

Veuve Clicquot, coming up. None of that Dom Perignon swill here.

Congrats on the move :)

I like the site, Todd. Nice and clean. Now that you're all cyber-organized, you'll have to find a new diversion from sweating out those gruesome pages that won't come, right?

No More Excuses

This was the last big project before the summer. Nothing left to do but write.

Congrats on the new site!

Hey Todd, it looks real nice. Count me in as a regular. And thanks for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate your comments.

Thanks Ken!

I hope to be a better blogger pal now that this is done.




I think the blog/comments are a bit blocky. But enough messing around with the styling. Time to get to work.

New Here!

Greetings and Salutations!

I was pointed here by both Steve and Nathan. But I've seen you around I think. Maybe.

Did that sound like a pick-up line? It wasn't supposed to. Er... Nice place you have here. Did you decorate it yourself? No wait! That's worse! Anyway...

Can anyone really take part in your reading contest? Anyone? Really?

And what kind of books count? Comic books? Graphic novels? Trashy books? Any books? Is there are limit on how many books we can read?




Thanks for coming by, Michelle. Anyone can play in the contest. No limits. It's all good.


Sorry, forgot to add books as I read 'em! So I just posted the three I've read since the 10th. (Lots of traveling, so it's been slow.)

If ya need proof, I've got the reviews posted on my book blog. :)

Nathan told us to come on

Nathan told us to come on over, and since I always do as I am told...here I am!

Yummy....books! This sounds like a great idea...any excuse for reading when I should be doing something else...(No, I can't do the laundry right now, I am reading for Charity)


Welcome Kim! I have high expectations with all you voracious readers.

Nathan AND Steve sent us over here

So... nice new digs!

Although I read more books than Nathan. More than anyone I know except maybe Michelle??? About one every other day, sometimes one a day, sacrificing sleep in the process. It's an expensive and clutter-inducing habit. Last two nights' indulgence was Timothy Zahn's Night Train to Rigel - slightly incoherent but fun.

I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

Sleep vs. Books

Welcome Jeri! Always tough to put down a page-turner. I'm looking forward to all you hardcore readers putting up big numbers.