Tyranny of the New, Part 2

Continued from Part 1.


Last week I had a full day to myself. Looking at a map, I decided to go someplace I'd never been before: the Quabbin Reservoir.


This brought to mind the Haunted Legends submission again. Four towns in Central Massachusetts were destroyed (or 'discontinued' in the official description) in order to create the reservoir. There are tales that buildings still exist at the bottom. This could be a good legend for the anthology.


Off I went. Ideas flourished from seeing the area in person. Here are a few photos of the journey.


The adventure started in Petersham. Here is the historical society building where a marker commemorates the final 'battle' of Shay's Rebellion. More on that rebellion later.


I drove a bit, looking for a particular gate to the reservoir land that led close to the water. The walking trail didn't look too long on the map. An hour later, half-mad from the mosquitoes, I arrived at the end.


What did I do? I turned smartly around and walked an hour back to my car, of course! No 'rule breaker' here. No sir! Of course, if one were to ignore such an important sign, in theory you understand, one might see something like this:


Or this:


I have no idea where those photos came from.


After that nice jaunt, I traveled toward the dam at the southern end of the reservoir. There is a lookout with a sign that shows a before and after of the town of Enfield. It is a little hard to make out the houses in this photo.


And this is a picture showing where Enfield isn't.


On to the dam.


The Swift River is allowed to trickle through a spillway on its way to Connecticut.

[Correction: Upon further research, I learn there is a pipe beneath the dam that funnels water on its way. The spillway is only in play when the reservoir is at or above capacity, less than half the time. -TW]


At this point I had run out of space on the memory card in my digital camera. I realized there were photos on the card going back to last Christmas. Well, the holidays come every year, right? I was on a one-of-a-kind journey. So I started deleting old photos to make room.


The dam is very impressive.


Another picture from mid-way across. If you look at the center of the photo, you might see two specks which is a Dutch couple examining the drainage ditch at the bottom of the slope.


I had just about gotten out of Dodge when a sign caused me to turn the car around. I had to delete one more photo from the camera's memory to take this picture (sorry Grandma). You see, when the State of Massachusetts evicted those towns, they had to move everybody.


This concludes the tour. May you have a safe and relaxing holiday weekend. Remember, round two of the reading contest ends this Saturday.