The Envelope

By early Spring I had five submissions out, the most at any time. All were due a response this past month. They came in: rejection, no thanks, not for us, rejection.


Day after day went by with no sign of the last one. Until the envelope arrived yesterday.


You may know what I mean by the envelope. I recognized it immediately. I have box of business #10's just like it in my desk drawer. My handwriting on it was a giveaway as well (I can never get my printer to do an envelope feed for those SASE's).


The last submission was for the Parsec Writing Contest, part of the Confluence Convention. The good news: Out of 89 entries (it read), my story made it to the final twelve to go from the story screeners to the judges.


The bad news: It didn't win any prizes.


The good news: The rejection was not a form letter and included quotes from judges and screeners.


The bad news: They all thought the ending sucked. I would agree in part. The contest limit was 3,500 words. Too little space for the three major characters, five minor characters, and seven scenes I crammed into it.


The good news: Positive comments on the beginning and middle of the story.


While it didn't win, I think it has potential as a longer story. I'll have to work on it, and the other pieces, this summer.


Oh, one note for the screener whose thoughtful, carefully considered critique decided the story was "disintegrating into Idiot Plot at the end". Here is my own thoughtful, carefully considered response:


Woohoo! Final 12, that's

Woohoo! Final 12, that's better than college basketball.

Better Than 13

Although 13 is a prime number...

12 is great!

I can't believe a reviewer would actually say that. Are they so far gone from the time their work sucked lemons they can't remember tact?

Twelve is something to celebrate. Sorry about the other four :(

Fine Line

Critiques are tough, hard to stay on the good side of criticism.

Responding to Rejection

This is why you need to have a blog.

I've read that it's really considered poor form to lash out at a rejection...regardless of how thoughtlessly it was phrased.

On the other hand, I don't think anyone can take you to task for responding on your own blog. Touche'.

My Blog, My Hand Gestures

Since it was an anonymous comment, I felt I could lash out anonymously. Now, you'd think it would be easy finding a short video with rude hand gestures. Not so much.

Top 12

Hey, I think making it to the Top 12 is fantastic! Congrats on that and on getting excellent comments on the opening and the middle of the book.

Welcome Marilyn!

Thanks for the kind words, and for joining the contest.

It's been a totally

It's been a totally rejectotastic season.

Nice job on the contest, though.

Season of Rejectomancy

I think Rejectomancy is still banned in some U.S. states.

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