Manchester, NH Public Library

The public library in Manchester, NH began in 1854 with a donation of books from the Manchester Athenaeum. The Carpenter Memorial building was dedicated in 1916. It has a foundation of New Hampshire Granite and was constructed with Vermont Marble.


Governor Samuel D. Felker spoke at the dedication of the building:

[Books] speak with a living voice and give use the best thoughts and bid us make the best of our lives. ... However dull one may sometimes find society, a well-selected library is never dull. Books will talk to you only when bidden, and whenever you confer with them they always have something to say.



The library has a beautiful rotunda whose dome has a skylight. The rotunda is certainly the most striking feature of the library.








Dedication of the Carpenter Memorial Library
Manchester, New Hampshire 1916



That is a beautiful building.

That is a beautiful building. They sure don't build them like that anymore.

The layout was a challenge.

The layout was a challenge. One enters the rotunda from the front doors. Very difficult to get a good wide shot. I guess they weren't thinking about photographers when they built it.

How inspiring to go to work

How inspiring to go to work in a place like this every day. Love the pictures, Todd :)

I certainly would be

I certainly would be inspired, though I suppose over time one might start to take such surroundings for granted.