Clear The Decks

Congrats to my good friend Rick O.! His review of a poetry reading was published by the Bakersfield Express. The review can be read here.

Congrats to L.A. Mitchell who was kicking butt and taking names during her two week fast draft writing marathon. I envy and covet her daily word counts.

Starting next Sunday, I will have a chance to match her speed as I dive in headfirst once again into National Novel Writing Month. Contrary to earlier plans, I will have an outline for this next novel. Too many scenes have suggested themselves to just wing it.

I've also got some writing buddies to cheer on, both real space and virtual. It is going to be a busy month; I hope to surface for air and coffee once in a while.


What a sweet shout-out :)

What a sweet shout-out :) You can bet I'll be here cheering you on as you did me. I *wish* I'd had a bit more of an outline this time...winging it is like walking a high wire over a gorge for me. I know you'll rock it!!

Thanks, L.A.! Here's hoping

Thanks, L.A.! Here's hoping the words will flow.