Boston Public Library



The Boston Public Library in Copley Square can claim many firsts. The McKim building is gaudy with the leading artists of the late 19th century. Rather than bore you with the history, let's get right to the photos, the highlights of a walking tour.



The vaulted ceilings seen here in the entrance are a recurring element throughout the building.



A pair of lions sculpted by Louis St. Gaudens bathe in light as they guard the staircase.



The Chavannes gallery is decorated with wonderful murals



The Bates reading room is the jewel in the crown.



John Singer Sargent composed a somber setting for the third floor.


And having ascended to the heights, let us descend into the inner courtyard.








And what would a library be without an inspirational motto?





Excellent library, back in

Excellent library, back in the day that public building were meant to be inspiring instead of pinch-penny functional.

Emphasis on Public. A

Emphasis on Public. A different age than today.

You went inside this time

You went inside this time :)
I could get SO MUCH writing done in the Bates room.
Thank you for the tour.

I think I'd be too distracted

I think I'd be too distracted in the Bates room with it's soaring ceiling. I'll take the courtyard.

It's so very beautiful. Might

It's so very beautiful. Might be out that way this summer and will HAVE to check out the library. A post from there would be fun for me :)

Thanks for the comment Casie!

Thanks for the comment Casie! :-)

If you're in Boston, check out the ICA as well.

The staircase (in its general

The staircase (in its general shape) looks incredibly like the one here in Poitiers City Hall (France), also painted by Puvis de Chavannes in the 1870s.

Hi Daniel, Excellent

Hi Daniel,

Excellent comparison. I'd guess it is no coincidence.

Thanks for the link to the photo!