A Writer Resolves

Here are my four resolutions for 2013:

1K Every Day

I will write one thousand words each day. New words. Fiction. Every day.

1 Blog Post Every Week

Okay, I skipped last week, but I had the flu. Over the next few weeks I will be reporting on results of self-publishing last year.

1 Story Submission Every Month

Should be easy to accomplish, and might even lead to some new publication credits.

1 New Novel By the End of the Year

Which means finishing, editing, editing, editing, the current work in progress.

Why make these resolutions?

Some years ago I set goals, committed time to them, and reported the results. While tracking those efforts in detail on a spreadsheet was not worth the time, committing to the goals made me, no surprise, a very productive writer. It is time once again to get back on track.

Best wishes to your own new year, whatever your goals may be.


Good luck. I hope you surpass

Good luck. I hope you surpass all those goals.

Thanks Steve! I must admit

Thanks Steve! I must admit there have already been a few sub 1k days, but words were written every day.

Writing - just keep writing.

Writing - just keep writing. Awesome!

Thanks Linda! That is the

Thanks Linda! That is the key, just keep writing.

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