The Doctor Is In

Writer's Digest had a monthly contest called "Your Assignment". Entries had to be related to the prompt and limited to 75 words. The winning entries were usually humorous.

The prompt for the April 2006 issue was would a therapist treating a literary character say to him or her (or it). I thought up a few options, worked hard on the best one, and sent in my entry.

Fast forward about six weeks. While working in the yard, a UPS truck drove up to deliver a package. This caused confusion since I couldn't remember ordering anything. The return address read "Writer's Digest Publications".

The mystery was solved the following Monday when the letter arrived stating I had won the contest. The prize was $100 worth of writing books. The winning entry was published in the July/August 2006 issue of the magazine.

My friend Rick, an excellent writer himself, framed the cover and the entry in honor of my first, paid, published work:


The contest had been archived online, however it seems to have disappeard or at least been eaten by the Writer's Digest web server. I don't recall giving away any reprint rights, so here is my take on a therapist treating a 'literary' character:

Prince, you found true love but you are getting swept up with the cinders. While her career is important, the princess should not treat you like a pumpkin. Marriage is not about who is driving the carriage but how, as a couple, you arrive at happily ever after. Be clear about your kingly aspirations and put the ball in her court. Remember, there are other maidens who can wear a size six slipper.