2013 - Year of Good Intentions

The new year has arrived. Time to summarize, reflect, regret (a little), and gear up again.

First, a few numbers. I sold a grand total of two eBooks and three paperbacks, all of which were for Garbageland. Ironically, my income as author/publisher was only slightly less than in 2012: $23. This was due to various distribution outlets (Apple, Amazon, Google, and Lightning Source) releasing funds they were holding from 2012 sales.

On the plus side, it signaled a change in policy by eBook distributors. I think the average minimum for payout used to be $10. Haven't researched this trend or reasons why, but glad to have the money flow to me rather than sit in their coffers.

One paperback was through a local independent bookstore that was happy to display my book at the counter. There was also a flash fiction piece that was published through Every Day Fiction. And a good start to a series of short stories during NaNoWriMo. So really, can't complain about 2013, even if it seemed a rather unproductive year.

I did have plans. My intention was to release my next book Dragonfly and River Stone at various points last year, but it just didn't work out. Life got in the way here and there as it does, moving twice, starting a new job, and the dreaded holidaze. And that NaNoWriMo November.

As always, I'm taking a deep breath, shrugging off the past, and making way for the future. The intentions of last year will bear fruit in 2014. Best wishes to you all as well for making good on the promises of the past.

2013 VSRP Complete

The nights are getting cooler. The days shorter. And there are moving trucks on every street around Boston. And so, alas, the 2013 Virtual Summer Reading Program has concluded.

Thirteen people participated and read 156 books! I exceeded my goal and finished six titles. In total, I will be donating $73 to the Prison Book Program.

A couple very generous folks also pledged support based on the number of books they read this summer. They will be donation $19 to the Prison Book Program and another charity. Well done!

And now for the prizes. Winners were chosen at random using the number generator at random.org. The runner up who will receive a signed copy of my book Dragonfly and River Stone is Random Michelle! And the grand prize winner of a $50 Amazon gift certificate is Sherri Lewis!

Congrats to them and to all of you for your reading success. Keep reading all year. Keep reading to kids. Keep supporting your libraries and literacy organizations. Hope to see you all next year!

The Wolfsbane Incantation

My flash fiction story "The Wolfsbane Incantation" is now live at the website Every Day Fiction:


What made this more valuable was the feedback from the editors. While they accepted the story as submitted, they provided thoughtful suggestions about where the story could be stronger and how a particularly violent element of the story would not appeal to their readers. I knew I would be a fool not to take this free advice. I made several revisions and resubmitted the piece.

The Every Day Fiction site also allows readers to post comments and rate the story. In a matter of hours, my story has averaged four stars and has very positive comments. I'm glad I took their advice.

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